5 Rules of Elevator Etiquette

There is a proper way of behaving in certain places and that is called etiquettes. Unless you are in your personal space. Then it becomes negligible to follow etiquettes. But When using something that others are also using then there is always some etiquette to follow. Likewise, we have listed 5 common Elevator etiquette or rules we need to follow. The purpose is to make the elevator experience more comfortable and easy. So that no one feels awkward or strange while boarding elevators.

5 Rules of Elevator Etiquette

5 Rules of Elevator Etiquette

1. Remember the Two-Floor Rule

This rule demands you to avoid boarding the elevator if you’re going fewer than two floors up or down. You may wonder why? To begin with, you may get some dirty looks from colleagues and fellow passengers. The reason might be that you’re putting in an extra 20 seconds to their commute. However, if you are carrying something heavy then you are not bound to follow this rule.

2. Dilemma of holding the door of the elevator

It’s been a matter of doubt as to whether we should hold the elevator door for someone. There are various conditions and scenarios involved here. Many times you hold the door of the elevator out of respect or compassion. However, you should also consider the scenario. Because you risk bringing to a standstill the ride for your fellow passengers. On the other hand, If you’re a single person in the elevator. Then you should do what you think is right. When you’re riding with others, consider getting a quick thought on whether you should hold it. If the elevator is full then you shouldn’t be guilty of giving a sorry expression and letting the doors close.

Many people think differently about this concept. Then you should let fate decide. If the person hurrying toward the elevator is meant to catch that ride, they will. Elevators are always a matter of timing and the unanimity seems to be that there is no consensus or universal rule for this particular scenario. As everyone can reason it according to their perspective.

3. Keep in mind about the personal space

When we are in a confined space like an elevator, sometimes may feel very uncomfortable. We need our space and when anyone comes in that then it creeps us out. As it relates to public and private space. According to the proxemics theory, there are different kinds of space and in the elevator, there should be some public space.

Proximity Rules
If only two people are in the elevator, it’s reasonable to stand on opposite sides of the elevator.

Three to four people should stand each of the corners.

Five or more riders should attempt to space themselves out evenly and face forward. You shan’t move your arms and hands. In contrast, it should be kept at the sides to avoid contact.

4. Always face the elevator doors

If you’re entering a crowded elevator, it’s always best to face the doors. You should not creep others out. Entering the elevator and right down staring into the face of someone else. Even though you are not meant to be can be uneasy, awkward, and even creepy. You’re already in someone’s private space so don’t make it any worse.

5. Least eye contact or interaction
Making interaction in an elevator could be uneasy for you and others as well are. However, sometimes you can’t help but make a little eye contact. In addition, getting on the elevator doesn’t have to be an awkward and detached experience. Quick eye contact and a nod or smile are usually well-received by your fellow riders. However, just after that engage in something else. This gives others the chance to enjoy the ride in peace without forcing them to have a conversation.

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