A Brief History OF Elevators

If you are aware of elevator history then you know that people used to do manual work a lot. Unlike, today we mostly use machines for our all work. And we introduce machines to lessen the workload. In contrast, people had to worry about work. Because manual work was taking a toll on people. On construction sites, people had to carry loads up & down. As a result, many accidents and mishaps were common. Elevators are one of the inventions we should celebrate as it is important for us. Let us know about the history of an elevator.

Since time immemorial, humans were finding the way for more efficient and productive vertical transportation of freight and passengers to different levels. Because many times it became more than difficult and non-productive to use manual force to move things from different levels. So these machines for transporting goods up and down illustrate the first type of elevators in history.

Onset Of Elevators

To begin with, the history of the elevator began was several hundred years before Christ. . At first, they were powered by human and animal power and sometimes water-driven mechanisms. Unlike, today we use electricity to run elevators. Precisely, they were in use as early as the 3rd century BC.

There are different phases of elevators historic, medieval and Modern. However, Modern elevators were developed during the 1800s. Moreover, Crude elevators have slowly started evolving from steam-driven to hydraulic power. The first hydraulic elevator was designed using water pressure as the source of power. Water pressure was used as the source of power in the first hydraulic elevators. And that kind of elevator was designed for the first time in history.

Elevator History

Elevator History

The Elevator Revolution

1.   Lifts were manufactured to cater to the needs of factory work. These were used for conveying materials in factories, warehouses, and mines.

2.   European factories often used to use Hydraulic elevators for the transportation of materials vertically.

3   Otis established a company for manufacturing elevators. This is how they got to lead the elevator industry. Today it is the world’s largest manufacturer of vertical transport systems.

4.   Back then there were not these kinds of modern elevators available. All of the elevator and lift has gone through a revolution with the introduction of the better and advanced power system.

5.   In other words, Revolution in elevator technology began with the invention of hydraulic and electricity.

6.   At that time, motor technology and control methods evolved rapidly. And electricity quickly became the more accepted source of power. The safety and speed of these elevators were significantly enhanced.

7.   The first-ever electric elevator was built by the German inventor Wener Von Siemens in 1880.

8.   In 1889, the first commercially successful electric elevator was installed. Installation of elevators took time because there were lots of failures due to various reasons. Before 1887 elevators were not safe because of the door system.

9   However, In 1887, an electric elevator with automatic doors was invented. As a result, this invention made elevators safer than ever.

10. As the Change is a constant. Many changes in elevator design and installation were made.

In addition, Space elevators also use the same concepts as the classic elevator.  It will transport people to the space stations. This concept can extensively curtail the expense of putting a person into space.


If we talk about today, then the modern commercial buildings generally have multiple elevators with a stability control system. In addition, all modern elevators have special override controls. Override controls mean to make elevators go directly to a specific floor without intermediate stops.

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