Top 5 Elevator Myths  Exposed

In movies and dramas, we often see some mishappenings related to elevators. The lift or elevator always causes some accidents. Which in turn also affects us that lift or elevator has to do something it. However, it’s not the case. It’s just the bait that is created just for entertainment purposes. In addition, Action movies often use elevators for dramatic effects. As a result, it perpetuates myths that can trigger anxiety for some elevator passengers. But those top 5 myths of elevators will be exposed by us ( – with fact ). And don’t that forget some things remain only on the screens.

Not everything we see on the screen is reliable. All those events are made up to create content or a story. As an elevator maintenance company, we do an honest effort to provide safety and security.
In addition, keeping elevators safe is a joint effort that involves technology and maintenance service providers, building owners, and equipment users. Most Importantly, following simple safety tips will ensure a seamless ride.

Let’s expose and show in a true light a few urban legends about elevators. Top 5 elevator myths will be exposed. We will also cancel down myths by elevator or lift facts.


ELEVATOR: MYTH V/S FACTS ( top 5 exposed )

Myth: Elevators are held up by one rope that could break.
Fact: Elevators or lifts are held by multiple cables which don’t allow any mishappening.

Most people think that elevators could easily break off. However, this cannot be possible. Because elevators or lifts are supported by multiple steel cables. In addition, each cable independently can support a fully-loaded car. It is highly rare for just a single cable to wreck. Even in the unlikely case of all the ropes snapping, there is a safety feature like the Overspeed governor. It detects the Overspeed of the elevator and activates safety devices to stop the elevator. Elevator maintenance services are always available to cater to these situations.

Top 5 elevator myths - Exposed

Top 5 elevator myths – Exposed

Myth #2: An overcrowded elevator will fall.
Fact #2: A Lift can never fall.

This myth is very dubious. Normally, an overloaded car just doesn’t move. When an elevator is overly full then a buzzer started ringing until the weight reduces. The doors will stay open.

Myth #3: An elevator car can run out of oxygen if it gets stuck between floors.
Fact: Elevator cars are well ventilated.

Have a sigh of relief. Because there are international standards for ventilation. As it must adhere to so air moves freely in and out. In some cases, elevators are also equipped with air conditioning.

Myth #4: It’s possible to break out from inside an elevator car into the shaft through a safety hatch.

Fact #4: Safety hatches or trap doors often exist for rescue purposes, but most can only be opened from the outside by trained rescue professionals.

So, Passengers should never attempt to use them as escape routes. So, if you’re caught up in an elevator, the safest thing to do is press the alarm button. Wait for help stay put, and wait to be rescued.

Myth #5: Pushing the call button multiple times will make the elevator arrive faster.
Fact #5: Elevators or lift take their time own time to arrive.

Sorry to smash your bubble, but this isn’t the case. When you push the button, the elevator gets your “call” and its software determines the elevator’s route. There are simpler and more sophisticated call systems, but the basic notion is the same: one push is enough to produce action.

Therefore pushing the button several times won’t make any difference. We just assume that the lift or elevator door might open but that doesn’t happen.

Extra note:- Pushing the “door close” button once inside the car, however, will trigger the doors to close sooner.

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